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Asempe Kitchen & The Cbus Food Scene

Hello Adventurous Epicures,

Welcome to our new and improved website! We’ve been busy cooking and creating over the past 6 months since we officially went live. The work you see here is the brain child of Shannon Williams Photography in consultation with myself, Chef Kuukua, aided by a couple supportive friends.

We’ve been busy on and off, but pretty steady working on our brand, meeting people, and learning to be more efficient. The latter has proven to be the most challenging of all because mom and I like to feed people and whereas before, we could usually do this without much thought about numbers, now we have to be more attentive. This has led to the creation of those dreaded but needed things called recipes. We have also learned that working for oneself is not as glamorous as the Boss Ladies make it out to be. A mentor of mine said when you work for yourself, you actually have more bosses than if you work for someone else.

Adjusting to the Columbus Food Scene has been mostly a good experience thus far. We are working on determining our target market more succinctly although we are sure that once anyone eats from our kitchen, they will become a believer. We know this is not necessarily sustainable long-term and we want to be around for the long haul.

We’ve met some awesome folks and Hills Market Downtown has been a staunch supporter. The whole store family pretty much know us now and help us when we are unloading or loading up, support us by buying food, or share our eat left overs. We love them! We have our West African Wednesdays lunch counter from 11:30-2:30. @95 North Grant

The newest addition to our pop-up family is Platform Brewery housed behind the Vet Tech building on Columbus State campus. We will be serving appetizers and dinner bites there on Mondays from 5-10 pm. @408 N 6th Street

We are also in our second month of an event called Feast on Words, a throwback to my time in the Bay Area. This event is held in collaboration with Wild Goose Creative, an artist collective. It will be held every 2nd Wednesday beginning May 10 from 7p-9p. For March and April, the dates are March 30 (7p-9p) and April 23 (3p-5p) @2491 Summit Street (corner of Summit & Hudson)

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has tasted, eaten, promoted and ordered our food over the past 6 months. We see you! We appreciate you! We hope to continue dazzling your palate. A special thank you to everyone who has collaborated with us, most recently, Quail Crossing Cellars, and those we are in conversation with.

You can find the menu for both our pop-ups and Feast On Words, as well as any other events we may put on, on our Facebook page: Asempe Kitchen Catering or IG & Twitter: @asempe_kitchen

We look forward to feeding you soon.

Thank you for coming along on this Culinary Adventure!

Chef Kuukua





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