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Kuukua Yomekpe

Akwaaba 2022

  • How You Can Access Us for the first quarter:Culinary Experiences #1 (group)
      • Every Thursday in...

Afihyia Pa O!

Dear New Epicures and Asempe Family

Entering the Holiday Season

Akwaaba Ebusuafo! 

Kelewele-A Popular Ghanaian Street Snack

Kelewele (spiced plantains) with roasted Spanish peanuts

And The Most Famous Stew of All...


2 16oz bags of frozen spinach

The Essence of the Soul: When Hunger Calls Late

Our business hours on Google are pretty close to “open 24/7” which gets me some interesting calls...

Asempe Kitchen in the News

 (photos courtesy of A.Anderson, Hills Market)

What’s in a Name: Oto

I met with my Small Business Development Center advisors on Friday and one of them suggested that...

Asempe Kitchen & The Cbus Food Scene

Hello Adventurous Epicures,


I begin with about 15 fresh scotch bonnets from one of the Mexican stores on Hamilton, although most

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