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Akwaaba 2022

Akwaaba Ebusuafo! 

I hope your holidays were peace-filled and safe. I now know more people who have had breakthrough COVID than anyone who got it last year and the year before. As a communal eating experience provider, it scares me more now to be operating in this, however I plan to keep my mask on at all times. I hope this year brings us some reprieve. Let us know how you are out there.

  • How You Can Access Us for the first quarter:
    Culinary Experiences #1 (group)
      • Every Thursday in February from 6-7pm @Salt City Market
        West Africa on a Plate-Black History Month Series
        Join Chef Kuukua as she visits four areas in Africa to bring you a quick demo of a traditional soup or porridge. Free, with registration.

      • February 27th 1pm-3:30pm @Salt City Market
        West Africa on a Plate-Holiday Meals
        Join Chef Kuukua to learn some West African party favorites for Ghana's Independence Day (March 6th)
      • March 27th 1pm-3:30pm @Salt City Market
    • Culinary Experiences #2 (individual/pairs)
      • Missed one of these classes? You can book Chef Kuukua on "Airbnb Experiences" West Africa on a Plate in Cortland:
    • Individual Meals
      • Every week, you can now order individual meals (minimum of 2 plates ($40)). Text 315-546-4545 to place your order on Wednesdays.

      Keep the conversation going
      Let us know when and where you can use our services or if you just want to say hello and send us a kudo. We look forward to feeding you again this year. May this year be full of adventure, safety, and health amidst the chaos that continues to engulf us. 
      Sending you all mad love!
      Chef Kuukua

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