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Classes Offered

Enjoy a cooking experience hosted by Kuukua and learn about making traditional West African dishes

Enjoy a Cooking Experience with Chef Kuukua

Have a delicious learning experience with Chef Kuukua Yomekpe. Her warmth and passion for creating connections through food will leave you inspired to cook West African food at home.

AirBNB Cooking Classes

You will be greeted with a soft drink as you get acquainted with me and hear a brief history of my life in the bustling metropolis of Accra, Ghana in the 80's.

Using a blend of local and imported ingredients, we will prep and cook two items: an appetizer and a main dish on which we would have consulted prior. We will sit down to eat this meal after and share your stories of growing up. If desired, we can include a trip to the African Market prior to prepping and cooking.

Other things to note:

  • If you have food/spice sensitivities please communicate with me ahead of time
  • Aprons are provided .

Your Instructor

Chef Kuukua

Akwaaba! Atomo oo! Welcome! Let's eat! Chef Kuukua has been cooking for the past 28 years in various venues from Columbus, Ohio to Berkeley, California, and now in Ithaca, NY. She made it official and opened her own West African catering company and pop-up in 2016. She loves cooking, but she also loves sharing her culture with others and bridging the cultural divide through sharing a meal. She has won many an award and much recognition but what lingers is what people share with others and write back to say to her after they share a meal.

Chef Kuukua is a self-taught chef with influences from her maternal grandmother, Mama Kakraba, who was part British and Scottish and her nanny, Aunty Mercy who hailed from Cape Coast. At the feet of these two, over a charcoal stove called the Coal Pot, her love for food and its transformations was born. At the age of 18, Chef Kuukua arrived in the United States to join her family and pursue higher education and immediately got into cooking for her college mates. When she was not in class or doing her work-study jobs, she could be found creating meals with a skillet and wooden spoon alongside her best friend Carmen. Over the 28 years of being in the Unites States, Chef Kuukua has cooked and fed, and eaten with a great many people, most of whom remain friends today. When she meets someone for the first time, the first thing she says to them is: "Do you have any food allergies?" Then she proceeds to promise that she will cook for them.

I am Chef Kuukua and you are welcome in my kitchen. Oye edziban a...dzidzi. It's merely!